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Learn how to control your emotions and rewire your subconscious mind to boost self confidence and create better results in your life

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How do your emotions and subconscious mind work? What if you could learn to take control of your negative self talk, fears, limiting beliefs and improve your personal and business life? 

About me

Fusun Rynart

Mindset Coach & Healer


Founder of Life Healing Academy, Fusun has left a successful corporate sales career of plus 20 years to devote her life helping people discover their true potential and boost self confidence.

Her holistic approach focuses on transforming emotions and negative thinking and build more self confidence. She empowers entrepreneurs to connect with their true potential, increase their energy level and create a succesful business. 

Fusun is an expert in Emotional Healing and a Licensed NLP Master & Mindset Coach. The result of her work enables people to perform at their highest potential full of self confidence, and make a big shift in their personal and business lives. 

You are capable of more than you think!

Conquer your Fears nd Unlock your full potential for a better life.


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HEAL your mental and emotional state so that you can move forward with more power. 


No matter where you are on your path, learn tools and strategies to take your life to the next level.

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Never stop learning because life never stops teaching. Follow my empowerment online workshops.

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Sofía - Finance & Control Supervisor - Netherlands

Fusun is an incredibly talented, beautifully spirited coach. Her values centred approach challenged me to think beyond what I thought was possible for myself.