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Discover Powerful Mindset Strategies to Unlock your Full Potential

Imagine a life where you can Free yourself from the Limitations of your own Mind, learn to manage Stress with ease, improve Self Confidence and Achieve Personal and Business Success.

Let’s work together and Start your transformation journey today!

About Fusun

Having left a successful sales career of 20 years, I’m committed to guiding individuals to heal their mental and emotional blockages while enhancing their Self Confidence & Leadership skills. As a Licensed NLP & Brain Health Trainer, Mindset Coach, Author, Healer, and International Speaker, I’ve facilitated transformative change to individuals, groups and small business owners since 2007.

Fusun is an expert in Mindset Strategies, NLP & Emotional Healings with proven success stories. Over the years, she has trained with well known mentors like Tony Robbins, Dr Richard Bandler, Les Brown, Dr Daniel Amen, Robin Sharma, Byron Katie, just to name a few. She continues helping people through her online and in person coaching and healing sessions as well as custom made workshops

Change your story, Change our life with the help of Mindset Coaching & Emotional Healing sessions!


My Services

Mindset Coaching

Break free from your mind’s limitations, unlock your full potential, and achieve your goals. Gain insights and learn tools to cultivate a winning mindset and rewrite your personal success story.

Join our NLP workshops for practical tools to learn effective communication, boost confidence, and discover your potential. You can empower yourself with the help of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. 

Experience deep state of relaxation from daily stress emotional pain and past traumas. Let me help you with your mental wellbeing, and stress management.

Change your belief system about yourself, learn tools to control Your Emotional Stress, discover how to empower your weaknesses and Boost Self Confidence to have more joy and success!

Let’s Grow!

Through powerful Mindset coaching, Holistic healings and Neuro Linguistic Programming, you can heal Your Mind, manage Stress and Elevate Your Life  

Being Happy

Picture a life where emotional wounds find healing, mental clarity is your compass, and stress becomes a visitor rather than a constant companion. 

Fulfilling Potential

Our mission is to empower you with the tools and insights to conquer life challenges, manage stress and rewrite your mental programming for success.

Finding Balance

Are you ready to rewrite your personal story, break free from limitations, and Navigate Success with Expert Guidance?

Making Changes

Our dynamic blend of cutting-edge NLP techniques and empathetic coaching methods will transform your life

My Philosophy

Together We Will

Rewrite your old programming and learn new ways of thinking to increase Mental and Emotional Wellbeing, Motivation, Self Confidence, Leadership skills, high Performance and more.

Through my unique blend of:

  • Powerful NLP techniques: You can reprogram limiting beliefs and unlock your hidden potential.
  • Mindset Coaching: You can learn to Create a new Blueprint for lasting change and achieve your goals.
  • Holistic Healing: You can Relieve stress, cultivate inner peace, and balance your mind, body, and soul for a happier life



Life Healing Academy approach is for you if you:

  • Are Ready to Elevate your Personal and Business Life
  • Seek to overcome Emotional Stress, Anxiety, or old Traumas
  • Crave deeper Self-Awareness, Self Love and Self Confidence
  • Desire to unlock your Leadership potential and make a powerful impact through your effective communication skills
  • Achieve your Goals with full Motivation, and Fulfillment.


Timea Bear – Relationship Manager Private Company London

“I am truly thankful for Fusun’s sessions. She changed my life entirely in every possible way. I went through many difficulties and I am extremely thankful for her time to listen to me and help me when I needed the most.Fusun is very inspiring, highly skilled with many years of professional career and experiences behind her, which she brings into each conversation to help me understand more about myself and unblock my negative thinking”

David Rush – Communication Coach New York

“With Fusun, I love her ability to listen and know she is coming from a heart place. She taught me how to shift from my analytic brain to my heart and have coherence.”

Laura Martin - Project Manager The Netherlands

“Fusun gave my self worth & self love back, also the feeling that I can change anything I want if I listen to myself. She gave me some great tools to work with. Every session was an eye opener and inspiration. I am so glad I chose Fusun’s help to get steps forward in my process and path of life.

Paula - Administration Supervisor - The Netherlands

Fusun is a powerful, inspiring and gentle soul who has the ability to connect with all that is while bringing comfort and flow into our lives. She is caring and compassionate and does all she can to address our individual and spiritual blockages and needs. I highly recommend Fusun to anyone looking to gain insights into their life and incorporating new habits

Ken Ott - Project Manager - California

Fusun has been helpful with me getting my mind and heart straight after difficult life challenges. As a Tony Robbins family member I trust Fusun since she has done a lot of self development work with herself and of course works with many clients and has worked with me before. Won’t tell you her secrets though, try her out for yourself…

Doni Mckoy - Life Coach Chicago

“Fusun Rynart…is the BOMB. I remember when we first met. I had no idea what she did…now I can say her sessions have made a profound difference for me...

Sayo Yamaguchi - Bank Manager Japan

“I cannot tell you enough how I grew and find out myself deep inside through Fusun’s sessions. Her coaching style, was not “teaching a student” style but “Journeying together” style with variety of professional knowledge. Now I see the world more clearly, focused on my life mission, which gives me courage to take a step forward in my life.”


My Blog

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Mindset Coaching

Fusun Rynart, Mindset Coach, NLP Trainer and Healer, empowers you to get focused on the goals and objectives that will radically change your life. Transform your mindset, boost self-confidence, and achieve success through her proven Mindset Strategies.

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