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Increase your Mental and Emotional Wellbeing, Self Confidence and Leadership skills to achieve more Success in your Life 

With years of experience in Personal Development,  Corporate Sales background & Healing Modalities, I help individuals and Small business owners manage their Stress, learn new ways of thinking and Heal their Mental & Emotional Health with the help of Healing, Neuroscience and Holistic Therapies 

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About me

Fusun Rynart

Success Coach & Healer

Fusun has left a successful sales career of more than 20 years to commit her life helping people heal their Mental and Emotional health and increase Self Confidence

Her years of corporate experience, NLP expertise and Holistic approach, helped thousands of people have more clarity, motivation, turn their negative thinking into positive and get over with their fears and limiting beliefs

Fusun is an expert in Mindset Strategies & Emotional Healing with proven success stories. She is a Licensed NLP Master, Brain Health Trainer & Success Coach as well as an Author & International Speaker.Over the years, she has trained with many well known mentors like Tony Robbins, Dr Richard Bandler, Les Brown, Dr Daniel Amen, Robin Sharma,  Byron Katie just to name a few. She helps people heal since 2007

What you can concieve in your mind, you can achieve!

– Napolean Hill

My Services


HEAL your mental and emotional stress so that you can move forward with more energy. 


No matter where you are on your path, learn strategies to create successful results in your life

Brain Health

Take the Brain Health assesment, identify your ANT’s (automatic negative thoughts), have a healthy brain for a happy life

Online Workshops

Never stop learning because life never stops teaching. Follow my empowering online workshops.

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Timea Bear – Relationship Manager Private Company London

I am truly thankful for Fusun’s sessions. She changed my life entirely in every possible way. I went through many difficulties in life. Fusun saved me in many ways and I am extremely thankful for her time to listen to me and help me when I needed the most.