Success Strategies from Tony RobbinsAfter I attended four virtual Tony Robbins events, below are the powerful success strategies I learned during Tony Robbins seminars.

4 Success Strategies from Tony Robbins

We all know state is EVERYTHING. When in doubt, check your state!! How we breathe, move, what we focus on and the language we use / meaning we assign to things is what determines our experience.

So many people are pouring from an empty cup, giving everything to everyone else, and not taking care of themself first. It sounds cliche, but if you don’t take care of your self love and self worth first, it will affect you in all areas of life (this is the TOP reason why people under-charge for services in their business!)

We are all programmed with years (decades) of limiting beliefs, and we literally need to re-wire our brain and get rid of those old patterns. Most of these beliefs are not even ours to start with (they come from our parents, teachers, neighbors) – all very well-meaning, but we take on these global beliefs and consider them to be truth. Shifting this alone could be the single biggest shift in your ability to build (and keep) wealth

Once you change your identity by shifting your beliefs from disempowering to empowering, you literally reinvent yourself. Once you OWN this new you, you become UNSTOPPABLE. With new found clarity and confidence, this is when people do the unthinkable … they suddenly quit jobs, move countries, start a new business ….

This is what I refer to so often as “miracles falling from the sky” .

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