What we think, and do is all connected to our Brain.


Therefore, the healthier the brain is, the happier our life is. We can not pour from an empty cup therefore keeping our Brain healthy, is essential.

When it comes to your Brain health, what are your goals in the next 6 to 12 months?

6 tips to maximize your Brain Health:

1- Sleep
6-7 hours of sleep is a MUST when it comes to brain health. This is the only time our brain is resting and rejenuvating for the next day. During sleep, our brain is releasing a chemical which is detoxifying our brain and making it ready for a new day.

2- Nutrition

What we eat is what we become. When it comes to brain health, one of the most important topic is the FOOD. Be aware that anything with sugar content is very harmful for your brain. Avoid SUGAR!

3- Exercise

Exercise increases the blood flow to the brain. Lack of blood flow increases the risk of Alzheimer and memory loss…Who wants that?

4- Supplements

Although we can have lots of vitamines from the food we eat and also the sun exposure, it is still not enough for everything. Therefore including supplements in our daily life, will help us have a more vital mind and body. Having supplements specifically for cognitive health and memory is essential after the ages of 35-40…

5- Mental Health

Pay attention how you think. Our thoughts create our reality. If you find yourself caught up in negative thinking or your old traumas start kicking in, it might be time to get some professional help from a coach, healer or mental health counselor.

6- New Learning
Our brain works as much as we make it work. Learning new information or skills make other parts of our brain work as well. Again, this is an important factor for memory loss or alzheimer disease in your later stages. Make sure you are busy with a new hobby or learning something new in your life. You ca also surprise your brain by sitting on the other side of a room, using your left hand instead of right, or vice versa…
How healthy is your Brain?
If you wanna find out, you can contact me so that we can have a Brain Assesment Test and check through what can be done to improve your health.