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Fusun is an expert in emotional healing and a certified NLP Master & Mindset Coach. She works on fears, limiting beliefs and insecurities, empowering female entrepreneurs to connect with their true potential, boost self confidence and live an abundant life.

My Story

Since the last 14 years, Fusun has helped thousands of people by delivering workshops, seminars, and 1:1 remote or in person healing and coaching sessions in different parts of the world.

Just imagine for a moment, how would your life look like if you were getting over your limiting beliefs and boosting self confidence to achieve your dreams? 


Back in 2007, life started throwing stones at me.

Going through some difficulties at work, in personal life and finances, I started to feel down. On top of that, I started receiving bad news from my father’s health.

Living abroad is not always easy, especially if your loved ones are not having the best health conditions. Being away from my family since at a young age and having my own struggles at the time, slowly pushed me to depression. 

During those tough times, I began to feel very desperate and started praying.

I always believe in the power of a higher force, and have faith. Until then I was not a traditional prayer but once you hit the rock bottom, the closest you feel is the power of the Creator, or higher force, Source, light, whatever you want to name it.

I just wanted to be back to that woman who was enjoying life, joyful, playful and full of passion. So, I started praying for a “miracle”. A miracle that would lift me higher, a miracle which would take me out of my misery. I wanted my power back!

You know, we are never alone. With God’s grace and good intentions from the heart, I ended up finding a website called “miracle”. Woww.. It was unbelievable.

That day was the beginning of my complete transformation…

I started learning ways to help people in a holistic way. I started praying for the health and wealth of others. The more I prayed for other people’s problems, the lighter I started feeling myself… Sense of unconditional love and inner peace was surrounding me. What a relief after so many tearful and intensive months.!

To my surprise, during those times things started changing in my energetic body.  I was feeling temperature changes, sensations on my body, hearing beep tones in my ears, having visions, etc. My dreams became very vivid & eventually I started channeling information which in the end led me to discover my healing gift which over the years, helped emotionally to thousands of people who were lost like me.

From someone who was in total despair, I turned into a powerful spiritual woman who could help people heal on an energetic level. Of course, my father was the main cause of this new gift. A man like him, who has always been so strong, has never used any medication or even got sick, was having major pains due to his hernia, was not able to walk & sometimes even crying bcuz of pain. Hearing him not being able to walk was the last drop in my glass to get out there and do my best with a God given inner power which would eventually help him walk again.

Yes, it might sound crazy but I made a paralyzed man, walk again in front of many people’s eyes. A real miracle happened right then!. It was at that moment, I gave a promise to myself and to my dad; ”I will help people heal in the best way I can and nobody around me will suffer. Whatever way it is, I will help them transform”

After that all went so quick. I needed to find out more of what was happening to me and how I was able to help people relieve their pain, and help my father walk. Started following many courses which were available, and invested all my  earnings and savings in my own personal growth journey. Travelled to many countries and with great pleasure, became unstoppable in what I do.

I trained with the best teachers I could reach. I tried my best to learn from the best. I was so happy to have finally discovered my soul mission after all the challenges I went thru. Working in a corporate world was not fulfilling my soul anymore. I knew there was something bigger than that. I had a greater mission than serving at corporate desks. Finally, after a 20+ years of successful sales career, I decided to follow my heart and stopped working for a corporate company.

Since then, helping people heal their emotions, change the way they think, and coaching them to find their true power, became my real life mission.  

Having trained as a Mindset Coach, NLP Master & Healer, Fusun worked with well known teachers like Tony Robbins, Dr Richard Bandler, Robin Sharma, Les  Brown, Dr Eric Pearl, Byron Katie, Gregg Braden and many others. She provides ONLINE sessions and custom made different workshops to overcome fears and limiting beliefs. Her latest program is called: “Self Confidence Secret” specialized for Female Entrepreneurs.

She has several more programs called “Create the Life You Want”, “Power of Emotions” , “Self Confidene Secrets” and she is working on her new program called; “NHMM – Neuro Hacking Mind Method “.


– Theodore Roosevelt

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