Times of despair, I started searching for ways that could help me to find my inner peace and live a fulfilled life again. Facing my own problems at the time and finding out the sickness of my dad, I really felt stuck. Between all my challenges, the biggest one was how to help my dad get over his pain. Being a very strong man who has never used any medicine, he was struggling several health problems at the same time. Seeing him in so much pain was making me feel hopeless and breaking my heart into pieces.

One day, I was paying a visit to my parents and sat next to him. Suddenly he had his cramps on his hips again. His face muscles were tense, and you could see he was in enormous pain. He was struggling with a severe hernia. At that moment, deep from my heart, I just prayed for a real MIRACLE. Without knowing what I was exactly doing, all of a sudden, I was guided to grab his legs and pray again. With my best intention and directing my focus on his legs I asked for a miracle to relieve his pain. To my surprise, God must have heard my voice as a little child’s prayer, beam of energy and flushing heat started streaming thru my hands and IT WORKED! Miracle was happening in front of my eyes and he was totally relaxed. His face expression changed to a peaceful state, his pain was gone and he fell into a deep sleep. In the coming weeks and months I was totally focused on using this miracle, and healing my dad which in the end led him got rid of his hernia pain completely. He was able to walk again!.

After discovering my gift and receiving divine guidance, I started to move forward. Helping my dad gave me the boost to improve myself and this gift. As of then, promised myself to help as many people as possible to get over their life challenges, HEAL their physical or emotional pain so that they can enjoy life again and discover their full potential.

Following various international trainings such as energy healing modalities, NLP, coaching and famous Tony Robbins events, I improved my skills. Since then, helping people heal, find their true power and help them transform, became my real life mission. For the last 13 years, I dedicated my life to the people who are ready to make a massive change in their career or personal life and step up for a better version of themselves. 

For a moment imagine, how life would look like if you were reaching your dreams and finding your true power to live a fulfilled life. Shall we start your transformation NOW?

Certificates & Courses:

  • Licensed Master NLP Practitioner – Dr. Richard Bandler – London
  • Date With Destiny – Tony Robbins – Florida
  • Motivational Coach – INEMLA certified – Nicole Schneider – Amsterdam
  • Licensen NLP Practitioner – Richard Bandler certified – Nicole Schneider – Amsterdam
  • Unleash the Power within – Tony Robbins – London
  • Licensed Nature Therapist – Member of International Institute for Complementary Therapists – UK
  • Reconnective Healing Practitioner – Dr. Eric Pearl – Paris
  • The Reconnection Practitioner – Dr. Eric Pearl – Amsterdam
  • Points of You Workshop Trainer – Pascall de Groen – Breda
  • Master Energy Healer – Deborah King – USA
  • Divine Angel Healer – Sunder Devi – Australia
  • Angel Therapist – Doreen Virtue, London
  • Angel Card Reader – Doreen Virtue, London
  • Soul, Body, Fusion Practitioner – Jonette Crowley – USA
  • Kundalini Reiki Master – Marlon Brammer – The Netherlands
  • Hypnose Basic Training – C. C. Oostrom – Breda
  • Quantum Touch Workshop – Breda
  • Usui Reiki – Level 1 & 2 – Turkey