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Who would you be without your story? We all have a story we believe in and now is the time to change that old story and create a new and more productive one. I have done that, too.

Fusun is a renowned Mindset Strategist, NLP Trainer, and Holistic Healer. Through her international training programs and personalized coaching sessions, she empowers individuals and groups to cultivate personal growth, boost self-confidence, and unlock their full potential. With a focus on Mindset coaching and Emotional healing, she guides clients on a journey to break free from mental limitations. Fusun is the author of two books as well as an International Speaker featured on podcasts, radio interviews, and TV appearances. She also serves as a Crew member at Tony Robbins events. Read her full story below.


In the crucible of life’s challenges, my journey unfolded in extraordinary ways. It all began with a profound miracle that reshaped the course of my existence. I discovered the incredible healing power within me when, against all odds, I healed my paralyzed father. This transformative event marked the genesis of my transition from a 20 years long corporate career into a realm where miracles and healing took center stage.

As I embarked on this newfound path, life continued to test my resilience. My daughter faced the harrowing aftermath of a deadly motorcycle accident, and I found myself on the receiving end of an armed robbery which was life changing. Imagine, going through a gunpoint while you are in your car, esp while you are studying about traumas. These adversities, rather than breaking me, fueled my passion for helping others navigate their own trials and tribulations.

Leaving behind the confines of the corporate world, I now traverse the globe, sharing my mindset coaching and holistic healing skills through sessions and various workshops.

My mission is clear:

To guide individuals towards a life filled with purpose, free from the limitations of their mind, unburdened by stress or past traumas, and pursue their dreams and desires.

    My Work

    Harnessing Your Potential

    Fusun is an expert in Mindset Coachings, Holistic Therapies, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), and Group Coachings as well as Team Trainings, and Motivational Speaking. She is a licensed NLP Trainer by Dr Richard Bandler (co-founder of NLP) and Brain Health Trainer, licensed by psychiatrist Dr Daniel Amen, (founder of Amen Clinics). She worked with many well known mentors around the world such as Tony Robbins, learning different skills and techniques to provide best coachings sessions and Corporate trainings on Mental and Emotional Wellbeing, Stress Management, Leadership Skills, and Self Confidence.

    Her latest corporate work is training Master students of Paris University and Emlyon Business School in France on Team building, Motivation and Self Confidence. One of her latest Online program is: “Self Confidence Secrets” helping Female Entrepreneurs to be fully Confident and believe in their skill sets for creating more success.

    She continues to develop more custom made workshops in personal growth, mental & emotional wellbeing and licensed to provide NLP Trainings for groups and corporate companies. 

    Fusun is also licensed to teach the following Brain Health Programs;

    • BrainFit for Work & Life for corporate companies
    • Brain Thrive by 25 for youth programs
    • Memory Rescue for any age groups
    • The Brain Warrior’s Way for any age group
    • Overcome Anxiety, Depression, Trauma & Grief


    Theodore Roosevelt

    Certifications & Rewards

    Licensed NLP Trainer

    NLP Master Practitioner

    NLP Communications


    Directly Trained by Dr Richard Bandler, the cofounder of NLP (Neuro linguistic programming), Fusun is licensed to provide NLP Trainings and workshops to groups and companies. Find out more about NLP workshops under “workshops” tab

    What is NLP? Neuro linguistic Programming teaches individuals and groups how to operate the mind in the most efficient way to motivate ourselves to achieve our goals, have effective communication skills, change old beliefs, and boost Self Confidence to rewrite another mental programming for more happiness & success

    Licensed Brain Health Trainer

    Licensed by Pyschiatrist Dr Daniel Amen, providing Brain Health Coaching sessions, and various workshops about how to “Have a healthy Brain”, “handle Anxiety, Depression, Grief and Trauma “, “Brain fit”, “Memory Rescue”, etc to groups and corporate environment. Through our brain health tests, you can discover your brain type and understand the root cause of your thinking patterns, habits and more.

    Certified Motivation Coach

    Licensed By INEMLA Institute, providing various coaching sessions to transform the life of individuals and groups. Through these coaching sessions, one can get rid of the limitations of the mind, boost Self Confidence and create a success mindset. 

    Motivational Speaker 

    Trained by Legendary Motivational Speaker, Les Brown, as well as Dr. Richard Bandler, Fusun learned how to give effective motivational speeches and also provide Speaking Courses / Communication workshops for the ones who would like to improve their Communication skills and become impactful Speakers or Leaders

    Points of You

    Coaching Cards 

    Trained by Points of You Benelux team leaders, Fusun uses “Points of You” Coaching cards through her coaching sessions and group workshops. These coaching cards is a powerful tool that boosts personal development and transformation. The combination of images together with words triggers right brain intuition with left brain logic. They bring deep and effective insights and results.

    Tony Robbins Crew Member

    When anybody talks about Belief Change, Motivation and Transformation, one name comes to mind; Tony Robbins. Having participated in UPW (Unleash the Power Within) and DWD (Date with Destiny) events with Tony, a new world opened up in my own personal growth journey. I have learned so much from this legend that in the end, I decided to Crew in his Live and Online events to give back to our community who needs to change, grow and thrive, and have happy lives

    Master Energy Healer

    Reconnective Healing Practitioner

    Kundalini Reiki Master

    Fusun started her own personal growth journey, after healing her paralyzed father. That was the first time she discovered her healing ability. After that, she has followed many traditional healing courses and received many certifications such as Reiki Master, Kundalini Reiki Master, Reconnective & Reconnection Practitioner, and more. Now she is teaching her own Healing Modality, called “Healing Hands” internationally. She continues using her holistic approach in her coaching and healing sessions as well as in group workshops. She believes mind, body and soul is whole when it comes to changing your life and healing your mind from fears, limiting beliefs and other mental challenges.

    Mindset Coaching

    Fusun Rynart, Mindset Coach, NLP Trainer and Healer, empowers you to get focused on the goals and objectives that will radically change your life. Reprogram your Mind, boost Self-Confidence, and achieve Success through her powerful Mindset Strategies & healings

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