SharephotoWhat a great experience I had during the 3 days intensive Angel Intuitive Course with Doreen Virtue.
Sometimes people’s ego can make them feel like they are “something” but no, absolutely no. Doreen was so down to Earth and her eyes were so full of Angelic love that you could stare at them for hours.

During the course we learned a lot about archangels, how to communicate with them and ask help for certain subjects. We learned how to do a body scan to discover the blockages in our Aura’s and cutting the cords and clearing the blockages with Archangel Michael. We worked with Archangel Raphael to give healings after the body scan & removing the blockages off the body. Of course we worked with Angel card decks. We practiced and learned so much which I plan to share with many others soon.

Doreen had new card decks which she designed them together with Radleigh Valentine. What a sweety. He used to work as an accountant for the government and decided to follow his heart. I think it was a wise decision because he is great in what he is doing with the Angel card readings. Radleigh is a professional intuitive, speaker, author, spiritual advisor, and a recovering Certified Public Accountant. He is the co-author with Dr. Doreen Virtue of the best selling Angel Tarot Cards, Archangel Power Tarot Cards, The Big Book of Angel Tarot, and Guardian Angel Tarot Cards. His oracle card deck, Angel Answers will be out in December 2014.

We also had the chance to meet a young fellow called Robert Reeves, Flower Therapist. Flower Therapy” is the art of working with flowers, flower essences, and angels for healing, manifestation, and abundance. With flowers as your allies, your dreams really can come true, and you’ll see that nature truly has the ability to heal! He is also a great guy, who managed to work with Doreen at the age of 26 only!

We could follow a morning seminar with Angel Astrologist Yasmin Boland. She is a popular astrology writer, read by millions of people each week via her columns in magazines and newspapers and on websites around the world. She’s also the author of several books-two novels, one nonfiction work, plus two astrology-series entries-and has been published in Australia, Canada, India, Portugal, and the U.K.

Over all it was a long weekend full of motivation, inspiration and Angelic love and blessings. I am very happy to meet these people in person and certified as an Angel Therapist. Sad to say, this was Doreen’s last Angel course in Europe. She will continue with her work only in Maui, Hawaii. Therefore I feel so lucky and blessed to be able to do this course in London.

Angelic blessings to all,
Fusun Rynart