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“Where focus goes, energy flows” – Tony Robbins

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Or let me ask you this way… Are you READY to change?

Founder of Life Healing Academy, Fusun has left a successful corporate career of plus 20 years to devote her life helping people discover their true potential. Her work focuses on transforming emotions and helping people release their limiting beliefs and negative thinking. The result is enabling people to perform at peak state, change their mindset and make a successful difference in their lives and life of others. 


I was going through deep emotional pain after one event with very close person in my life. I felt hurt, disappointed and was trying to accept my role in learning a message. At the same time I knew I needed to go through this in order to heal. Session with Fusun was such a gift in the right moment! During the session I felt very strong sensation of energy going trough my whole body. I felt such a deep peace, especially the next day. I could feel like she is pulling out all those heavy emotions from my body. I didn't want it to end. Amazing experience full of light and peace. She has a big gift and I m so grateful to have had experienced it!!!

Natali Krizan – Croatia

Fusun is an incredibly talented, beautifully spirited coach. Her values-centered approach challenged me to think beyond what I thought was possible for myself. She also challenges me and keeps me accountable for creating a life I truly desire, to approach it as a life-long project on creating a career that would capitalize on my passions and strengths, a home that is truly my own, and creating a connection with myself like I have never had before. Fusun is full of passion and is driven to take life to the next level, and for that I will always be grateful. I would recommend Fusun to anyone looking for an intuitive, authentic, heartfelt, and deeply passionate coach.

Sofía – The Netherlands

Sometimes people come on your path to change your life. Fusun has given me a rest with her Reconnective healing that I could not find before. No heavy conversations; just eyes and experience and then I could feel the burden leaving me. Besides, she gave me insights that showed me greater clarity in which direction I should go . After the sessions, I seem to get more opportunities in my life. It helped me to be more successful in several areas in my life that I needed.

Fleur – The Netherlands

I was at rock bottom crippled by anxiety for 6 months when I contacted Fusun. Before meeting her, I was unable to move forward with my business and life. The monsters of fear ruled my life and I was unable to think out a solution. I was about to lose my apartment and go bankrupt. I heard Fusun talk about the power of emotional healing. I reached out to her as my last desperate attempt to get out of the darkness. After each session, I felt the whole energy field around me and within me lift to another level. Fusun with her distance healing took me out of complete darkness, where now, I see and feel the light. For the first time in over a year, I am able to work with intention without anxiety attacks. Thank you, Fusun for saving me from utter despair.

T.B – Norway

Healing with Fusun

Give yourself permission to become your Best self.

 All challenges you experience in life comes from unresolved mental and emotional issues you have been storing inside. It is time to take action, HEAL your mental and emotional state so that you can move forward with more energy and happiness. 

Coaching with Fusun

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