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Frequently Asked

Sometimes people wonder about distance healings and/or my approach with the coaching sessions.

Does it really work, how many sessions do I need, how effective are the healing sessions, how many coaching sessions do I need, how does the process work, etc…

Do the healing sessions work via distance?

The answer is a big YES! The energy travels faster than light. The healings are touch free therefore it does not matter if you are with me or at another country. Additionally, with the help of distance sessions I healed my father’s hernia pain without any live sessions.

How many healing sessions do I need?

I always recommend to start with 3 sessions. Reason is; 1st session is sarting up a process, 2nd session goes deeper in, 3rd session is wrapping up. Your energy body needs to integrate to the healing sessions. After 3 sessions you can see major changes in yourself and  in your problems.

How do the coaching sessions work?

We get connected via skype, zoom, facetime, whatever is easier for you. We plan the time according to your schedule. Once you commit to work with me, I will teach you my own tools and strategies I learned and experienced myself during my own difficult times and from well known teachers such as Tony Robbins, Dr.Richard Bandler, Robin Sharma, Byron Katie, etc.

Coaching is a matter of trust and the readiness to change your mindset. I am willing to contribute all I have and expect the same from you to achieve the best results.


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