Discover the "Inner Goddess" in you!

Inner Goddess Training is for women who is ready to heal their inner child, self-judgment, comparison game, taking care of needs of others and reclaiming joy, self love and inner peace in your life


Our Inner Goddess Training starts in July, 2021.

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Who is the Inner Goddess?

How often do you feel the need to be loved, accepted by others or find strength in you to get over with any kind of challenge you face in life?

We all have an Inner Goddess within us waiting to be awakened. Let’s start speaking to our inner child, feel that unconditional love and reclaim our true women power. 

With simple Keys, meditations and a holistic approach, you will learn to get in touch with that part of you and be fully confident in your life.

Why Goddess Power Matters?

As a female , If you want to be in charge of your life, you first need to learn to love yourself.

Your mind and heart are the most powerful tools you have. If you can train your mind to think on purpose, focus on what is right rather than what is wrong, learn to find joy and happiness in you, you will start solving many of your problems. 

What would change now if you would awaken the powerful and loving part of you, your Inner Goddess who knows her self worth, focusing on her well being more than others and taking full responsibility in her own life.

Time to wake up to a new reality full of love, joy and peace.

3 Reasons To Join Inner Goddess Training


If you want to level up your life, you need to optimize your Energy and increase your vibration which is connected to your Emotional state


Learn how to control your emotions with Fusun’s holistic tools in order to find inner peace and increase your level of Self Confidence


Think different, Feel different. It all starts in the mind. The way we think has a big impact in our emotions which will move us forward & create more joyful life

Who Is This For

This is for both Women and Female Entrepreneurs who are stressed, controlled by their emotions and can’t focus on what they really want to achieve in their life and business.

If you are looking for ways to overcome mood swings, emotional inbalances, stress, depression, fears of rejection, looking for ways for forgiveness and self love, as well as learn tools to reduce negative self-talk and improve communication skills with yourself, you are at the right course.

By the end of this course, you would care far less about what others think of you, face daily challenges with ease, develop strong social confidence, learn to control your emotions and create better results in your life.

This is a Promise!


The Inner Goddess Training Host

Success CoachFusun Rynart is a Mindset Expert and Emotional Healer working in the personal transformation field for the last 15 years. Founder of Life Healing Academy, she has left a successful corporate sales career of plus 20 years to devote her life helping women discover their true potential, control their emotions and boost self confidence. Fusun uses the secret tools of energy healing, Neuro Linguistic Programming, and other holistic ways to serve her clients in the most life changing way.

She has been interviewed many times and has been on TV talking about her unique style of helping people who have permanent change and lead happy, fulfilled and successful lives.

How To Join Us?

Spaces are limited. Enroll now and secure your spot today for live attention with Fusun.

This is not your typical Online course and you will experience it once you join.

1. Enroll and Join

2. Learn and Create

3. Achieve Results

What Do You Get In Inner Goddess?

In this 4 weeks Program, what can you expect working with Fusun Rynart? 


  • Learn the T.E.A.C.H System and implement it in your business and personal life
  • Energetic purification process and group healing to Heal your Emotional blockages
  • Power of 4 x A’s – Tecniques to Get rid of your negative self talk and Master your thinking
  • Discover your main saboteurs with an assesment and learn how to control them
  • Optimize your energy, higher your vibration to manifest peace, joy and abundance
  • Tools and strategies to Boost Self confidence
  • Deeper connection with your innerchild 
  • Be in flow state
  • Powerful Hypno Inductions and meditations for high Performance
  • Be fully awaken to your Goddess power

What People Are Saying

I am truly thankful for Fusun’s sessions, she changed my life entirely in every possible way.I went through many changes and difficulties in my life. Fusun saved me in many ways and I am extremely thankful for her time to listen to me and to help me when I needed help the most.

I can happily say, after her session, I feel a more positive person, I feel like I dropped the weight I was carrying in my entire life. The things which caused me stress before, now I feel they disappeared. If something stressful happens in my daily life, I think and act positively not letting the negative thoughts to stay in my mind.

Fusun is very inspiring, highly skilled with many years of professional career and experiences behind her, which she brings into each conversation to help me understand more about myself and to unblock my negative thinking.

She brought me back to seeing my own qualities and to build a new happy and healthy life. I highly recommend her to everyone! 

Timea Bear - Relationship Manager - London

“Fusun is an incredibly talented, beautifully spirited coach. Her values-centered approach challenged me to think beyond what I thought was possible for myself. She also challenges me and keeps me accountable for creating a life I truly desire, to approach it as a life-long project on creating a career that would capitalize on my passions and strengths, a home that is truly my own, and creating a connection with myself like I have never had before.

She is always there for me no matter where in the world she is travelling. Her knowledge and expertise are broad and expands from professional corporate to NLP and to energy healing. She has not only been an amazing coach but also a caring mentor, and the strategies and lessons she has provided have inspired and motivated me to live a life in congruency with my values and passions.

Fusun is full of passion and is driven to take life to the next level, and for that I will always be grateful. I would recommend Fusun to anyone looking for an intuitive, authentic, heartfelt, and deeply passionate coach.”

Sofía – Financial Control Supervisor
The Netherlands


“Through Fusun’s lessons, I focused deep inside of myself to talk to my inner light. Then I realized there is an issue lying in my heart which I have been ignoring for a long time. It needed a patient and brave to face it but Fusun kept encouraging me to look at it until I found my real answer.

Her lesson style, was not “teaching student” style but “Journeying together” style with variety of professional knowledge. I cannot tell you enough how I grew and find out myself deep inside through her lessons. Now I see the world more clearly, focused on my life mission, which gives me courage to take a step forward in my life.

It is a journey to realize you have everything in you. Fusun will take your hand and help you find the truth deeper, warmer and smarter to the world in front of you. You will find more pleasures and love from the sceneries you have been familiar with. I have a confidence that your journey with Fusun will be exciting & beautiful.
Sayo Yamaguchi - Bank Supervisor - Japan

The magic touch of emotional healing by Fusun

I was at rock bottom crippled by anxiety for 6 months when I contacted Fusun. Before meeting her, I suffered from bouts of anxiety attacks and was unable to move forward with my business and life. I was unable to think out a solution. Mired in darkness, I was about to lose my apartment and go bankrupt. When I heard Fusun on a Facebook Live talk about the power of emotional healing, I reached out to her as my last desperate attempt to get out of the darkness.

I used my last funds to have three sessions with her and it changed my life. After each session, I felt the whole energy field around me and within me lift to another level. Fusun with her distance sessions took me out of complete darkness, where I now, see and feel the light. For the first time in over a year, I am able to work with intention without anxiety attacks.

I am attracting different kind of people and better opportunities. Doubled my income, too. Thank you, Fusun for saving me from utter despair.

Torund B  Business Owner and Investor


Inner Goddess Training 

It will be an impactful and transformative 4 LIVE sessions with Fusun which will create meaningful changes in your Emotional state and Self Confidence.

 What’s Included

4-weeks/8 hours of an accelerated LIVE course with step by step guidance from Fusun which will show you your personal power 

Value $ 800

30 Minute group Emotional Healing session which will have a huge impact in your emotional state and energy 

Value $ 250

Energy cleansing and cord cutting from negative people and situations

Value $ 200

Saboteur assesment and tools to handle your most active saboteurs

Value $ 100

Weekly home assignements, meditations, and exercises in pdf format

Value $ 150

Get the 4 Week Program

WAS $1500


NOW $199


1) Free Personal Energetic Purification and Cord cutting process which will make a complete cleaning on your energy body (Special Bonus)


2) Full access to the live sessions, and weekly Live Q & A

3) Access to an exclusive community of purpose-driven women where you can post questions, videos, share ideas and strategies that are working.

4) Self Confidence Quiz in pdf format to check the level of your self confidence


5) E-Book “How to Overcome Limiting Beliefs for Success”


6) Guided Meditation for Manifestation


7) Certificate of Participation to the “Inner Goddess Training” Program 


Enroll Today


The combined total value of $1500

NOW $199