One of the most popular methods for creating your goals is SMART method. SMART stands for;

S – Specific

M – Measurable

A – Attainable

R – Relevant

T – Time sensitive

Here are some tips while working on your goals:

MAKE YOUR GOALS SPECIFIC – You need to define your goals crystal clear

DEFINE YOUR MEASURES – Now that your goal is crystal clear in your head, and looks more real, you can start acting on it. What will be your next step? Will you take your first action now? Will you start a coiurse in 2 days to improve your skills? Think about it.

AIM FOR THE ATTAINABLE – Your goals should be attainable to start with. you can’t start saying I will buy a red Ferrari in 2 days (unless you have the money and resources for it now). But once you come closer to your goal, you can start stretching it a bit and push yourself outside of your comforf zone.

GET REAL – If you wanna make yourself visible on social media, do not waste your time just liking other people’s post but get real action and start up your own account. get your priorities straight and stay focused.

TAILOR YOUR TIME – Your goas must have a deadline that’s how you will push yourself to the limit.