Kundalini Reiki is a very powerful, grounding, intense and simple to use healing system.

ReikiIt is possibly the simplest “healing and self-development” system that exists!
By opening/strengthening the energy channels of the body, it is possible to channel Kundalini Reiki energy to yourself and others, just by intention.

Ole Gabrielson received Kundalini Reiki from Ascended Master Kuthumi.

This Kundalini Reiki Master Certification Course (LIVE sessions) includes all updates and additions to this work.

The course includes Kundalini Reiki 1-2-3 attunements, the six boosters, Kundalini Reiki manual and a Master certificate.

Attunements are done via distance and in LIVE sessions via skype, zoom or whats app. You can be wherever you want to be at the time of the attunements.

What can you do with Kundalini Reiki:
In Kundalini Reiki you will learn to tap into that powerful force called the Kundalini to heal yourself & others.

Additionally you will be able to;

  • ·        cleanse your house,
  • ·        heal the karmic band between you and others,
  • ·        heal and attune animals and objects, such as your crystals,
  • ·        meditate,
  • ·        increase your energy levels,
  • ·        heal your DNA,
  • ·        heal your past lives,
  • ·        heal any traumatic experience,
  • ·        balance your energies
  • ·        heal birth trauma

Kundalini Reiki boosters:

There are 6 boosters after Kundalini Reiki Master attunements. When you complete the 3 levels, I will show you how you can activate these 6 Boosters and use them. I always advise 1 booster per day (you will receive the sequence of all the boosters).

Extra attunements that come with the Kundalini Level 3 attunement are as follows:

  • Birth-Trauma Reiki
  • Location Reiki
  • Past-Life Reiki
  • DNA Reiki
  • Crystalline Reiki
  • Diamond Reiki

These boosters reinforce the previous attunements, and they also widen and strengthen the chakra opening of your hands and energy channels, allowing even greater amounts of Kundalini Reiki to flow through you more quickly. The boosters also strengthen the opening in the hands so they do not begin to shut down as easily.


Kundalini Reiki 1 Attunement:
With the help of this attunement, the blocks in all your chakras (except the root chakra) are removed. The main energy channel, from the crown chakra to the root chakra, is cleansed and prepared for the Kundalini awakening that you will experience in Kundalini Level 2. The heart chakra becomes enlarged, and the energy channel from the hands to the crown chakra is opened, allowing the reiki energy to flow.

*With this attunement, you will be able to perform self-healings as well as healings on others. You will also be taught to perform a room/house cleansing,karmic-band healing,and situation/qualities healing.


Kundalini Reiki 2 Attunement:
With the help of this attunement, the Kundalini Reiki Level 1 attunement is strengthened, and the root chakra is opened. The third eye is also enlarged.

The Kundalini is awakened, and the main energy channel opens gently, alighting the Kundalini “fire”. The Kundalini reaches the Solar Plexus chakra, preparing for the full Kundalini rising in Kundalini reiki level 3.

*You are taught a specific meditation, which will increase the power of the Kundalini flame, cleansing your energy channels. In this way, all the chakras/energy systems are enlightened and a thorough cleansing takes place.


Kundalini Reiki 3 – Master Attunement:
With the 3rd attunement you will be attuned to the level of Kundalini Reiki Master. The previous attunements will be strengthened, and the throat, solar plexus, heart, and root chakras will be opened wider. The kundalini “fire” will be strengthened, reaching up and out of the crown chakra, and the full rising of the Kundalini will take place.

After this attunement you will be taught how to attune crystals and other objects so that they act as reiki channels. You will also be taught how to pass on the Kundalini Level 1-2-3 attunements to others.

Each Kundalini Reiki attunement takes approx. 25 minutes. 
You either sit or lie in a quiet room, without any disturbance and enjoy the energy.

If possible, make sure the phone, TV or any other electronic equipment are switched off.


If you are also willing to become a Kundalini Reiki Master, please contact me.

Before and after the attunements, I will be available for questions by email.