What if you could release all your emotional pain and start healing yourself?

Soon…you can.

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Kundalini Reiki Master“ Online Course, the upcoming healing course series with LIVE sessions together with Master Energy Healer Fusun Rynart.

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I’m Fusun

Imagine to take away the stress and pressure which has been weighing you down for years.

What if you could release the surpressed emotions, finding peace and bliss within yourself and share this with others?

How would you feel to access this healing power wherever you are for yourself and your loved ones? 


I’m the founder of Life Healing Academy and helping people in the field of healing and coaching for more than 10 years.

Being an expert in Emotional Healing and a certified NLP Master & Mindset Coach, my passion is helping people with their fears and emotional pain, limiting beliefs, insecurities, burn out, grief, or stress. 

I will help you heal your body, mind and soul to live a harmonious & fulfilled life and connect you with your true potential.

And YESSS… You, too can learn to heal yourself and others.