What if you could release all your emotional pain and start healing yourself?

Imagine to take away the stress and release the surpressed emotions which has been weighing you down for years. How would it feel to find inner peace and bliss within yourself and share this gift with others?


KUNDALINI REIKI MASTER Online Course starts in MAY, 2021.

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What will you get out of this Course?

This is possibly the simplest form of healing and self-development system that exists! and anybody can learn it with my guidance.

By opening up and strengthening the energy channels of the body, it is possible to channel healing Kundalini Reiki energy to yourself and others, just by intention.

Each week you wiill receive 1 attunement which will align you to Kundalini energy and each week you will learn more about how you can use this healing gift.


After your Kundalini attunements, you will be able to:

Heal yourself (emotionl, physical)

Heal others

Perform distance sessions

Heal past traumas

Heal karmic bands

Clean the energy of locations, spaces

Cut cords with unwanted energies

Heal situations (anger, jealousy, frustration, etc) and more…



It will be an impactful and transformative 3 weeks with Fusun full of healing, meditations and Kundalini attunements which will create amazing changes in your Emotional state and teach you how you can heal yourself and help others.

 What’s Included

3 weeks Full immersion with step by step LIVE spiritual guidance from Fusun which will teach you how to heal

Value $900

15 Minute group Healing session each week, which will have a huge impact in your emotional state and energy level

Value $450

Energy cleansing and cord cutting from negative people and situations

Value $200

Weekly meditations on each Kundalini attunement

Value $150

Weekly home assignements, information map, and a certificate

Value $100

Get the 3 Week Kundalini Reiki Healing Course

WAS $1800


NOW $399

Kundalini Reiki Master Course Host

Fusun Rynart is a Mindset Expert and Emotional Healer working in the personal transformation and healing field for the last 15 years.

After helping her paralyzed father who has started walking again, she found herself in the world of healing and since then this became one of her soul mission.

Founder of Life Healing Academy, she has left a successful corporate sales career of plus 20 years to devote her life helping people discover their true potential, heal themselves, control their emotions state and boost self confidence.

Fusun is a Master Energy Healer who is certified for many different healing modalities and teaching this on an international level.

Besides healing, she is also an expert in NLP and Self Confidence and teaches different courses and workshops in the PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT field.

Fusun has been interviewed many times in international podcasts and has been on TV talking about her unique style of helping people who have permanent change and lead happy, fulfilled and successful lives.