If you want to thrive in your business and personal life, you need to have a vision, a complete Life Book.

A strong one you will look forward to working on, each morning you wake up.

How to build an interior Empire with the help of your Life Book?


Your Life Book should have 4 sections; personal, emotional, spiritual and business goals. One without the other won’t make the entrepreneur complete and help him/her to build an interior empire.

  • A personal goal is what you aim at in your physiology which will generate the strength and energy you need.
  • An emotional goal is your state. If you have a strong emotional state, you will be unstoppable to reach your goals rather than having emotional break downs
  • A spiritual goal is the one you connect to your innerself, find the calmness for your concentration and focus.
  • A business goal is where you want to see yourself 3 – 5 years from now. Manifesting your dreams.

As Earl Nightingale once said; ‘We literally become, what we think about”

The vision you have and the imagination you can use, will bring you to a positive outcome.

What to pay attention to?

  • Vision – If you do not have a vision, how can you move in the direction of your goals?
  • Think on purpose – Your thinking patterns have a big impact in every area of your life
  • Imagination – your limitations are self imposed
  • Courage – think positive on the problem you have. Once you have a good focus on your goal, you can turn any negative situation into positive
  • Savings – save at least 10% of what you earn
  • Action – Ideas are worthless unless you act on them. Take massive action

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