TIPS for Keeping Calm and focus on your growth:
1. Learn to forgive those who have hurt you. Everyone is doing the best they can, based on where they are at on their human journey.
2. Stop holding on to that which doesn’t serve you. You can’t enter your terrifically bright future held down by experiences, habits and beliefs that keep you chained in the past.
3. Doing creative work that fills you with joy is a gorgeous route to happiness. And don’t do it for the fame, fortune and applause it will bring you. Those never last. Do it for the stains it removes from your soul. And for the people who will be blessed by your genius.
4. Supreme health is true wealth.
5. You can’t give what you don’t have. Make time each morning, before the sun rises, to fuel your mind and fill your heart. Empty people don’t make inspirational heroes.
6. Keep a journal. Write of your joys, celebrate your wins, process through your pain and clarify your hopes on the crisp white pages that will record a life well-lived.
7. Spend some time alone each day. Solitude deepens you. And the period before dawn is where wisdom is made. Be a heavyweight on the planet. We need more of them.
8. Make the time to develop an excellent family life. Work on your relationship with your partner. Intentionally create perfect moments with your children. Cherish your parents. Appreciate your friends. No point in becoming revered and powerful but being all alone.
9. Take creative walks regularly. Many of my best ideas and most valuable insights have come from walking.
10. Avoid toxic people. They cost you your joy, productivity—and peace of mind.
11. Trust the quiet whispers of your heart more than the loud chattering of your head. They somehow know where you’re meant to be.
12. Consistency is the mother of mastery and persistency is how you get to legendary.
13. In hard times, grow. In glorious times, enjoy. Life is a series of seasons. No one gets only the summers. I sure haven’t.
I am sharing my Robin Sharma teachings with you with a grateful heart from mine to yours.
Keep safe…and take advantage of these Corona times for your health and growth.
Fusun Rynart