You are the producer of your Life’s Movie and you are able to play it in the way you want it.

As Dr. Richard Bandler said during his Master NLP Training Course in London, If you Change The Way you Think, you change the way you feel, and that will change your life.

It all begins with a thought, either positive or negative. After that you start either having images or playing a movie in your mind which creates certain emotions in you. And these emotions start running your life.

When Richard Bandler came on stage during my Master Neuro Linguistic Programming Training in London, known as NLP, I thought Einstein came alive. This wise man, who spent part of his life as a Mathematics Professor, knew what he was exactly saying and doing. He has helped so many people in a decade, from patients from mental clinics, to famous drug addicts, to well known politicians. During the training, within 10 min, he could help a lady who has been suffering with negative emotions for the last 13 years & seeing a pyschologist. The same was happening with phobias. Fear of snakes, big spiders, public speaking or claustrophobia were cured in 15-20 min time. Loads of knowledge and experience have been transferred to us during these 9 days event.

It has been a great journey of 9 full intensive days, and a honor for me to be trained by this amazing man, the co-founder of NLP, Dr. Richard Bandler.

If you want to take charge of your life, and change the way you think to have control over your emotions, let’s talk.