What people are saying about me


What people are saying about me

David Rush is a Communication Coach, Consultant and a Transformation Agent from NYC, helping individuals and corporate companies learn how to communicate productively and efficiently. 

From David;

With Fusun, I love her ability to listen and know she is coming from a heart place. She taught me to shift from my analytic brain to my heart. Thank you Fusun for the time we spent together. 

David Rush – Communication Coach

New York – USA

I was looking for a coach where I could also feel a connection with. I finally found that in Fusun. She is amazing and I am glad I found her in my path of change.

Fusun gave my self worth & self love back, also the feeling that I can change anything I want if I listen to myself. She gave me some great tools to work with. Every session was an eye opener and inspiration. I am so glad I chose Fusun’s help to get steps forward in my process and path of life. She made me open-up and feel the strength within myself.

I recommend Fusun if you need a coach that combines coaching with healing and meditation. She can make you feel the power in yourself and help you to change your mindset by listening to your heart. She can easily help you with that.

Laura Martin - Project Manager

The Netherlands

I am truly thankful for Fusun’s sessions. She changed my life entirely in every possible way. I went through many difficulties in life.

Fusun saved me and I am extremely thankful for her time to listen to me and help me when I needed the most. I can happily say, after her sessions, I feel like a more positive person, like I dropped the weight I was carrying in my entire life. The things which caused me stress before, now I feel they disappeared. If something stressful happens in my daily life, I think and act positively not letting the negative thoughts stay in my mind.

Fusun is very inspiring, highly skilled with many years of professional career and experiences behind her, which she brings into each conversation to help me understand more about myself and unblock my negative thinking. She brought me back to seeing my own qualities and to build a new happy and healthy life. I highly recommend her to everyone! 

Timea Bear – Relationship Manager

Fusun is an incredibly talented, beautifully spirited coach. Her values-centered approach challenged me to think beyond what I thought was possible for myself. She also challenges me and keeps me accountable for creating a life I truly desire, to approach it as a life-long project on creating a career that would capitalize on my passions and strengths, a home that is truly my own, and creating a connection with myself like I have never had before.

She is always there for me no matter where in the world she is travelling. Her knowledge and expertise are broad and expands from professional corporate to NLP and to energy healing. Her uplifting, positive, and radiant personality makes her easy to open up to and wonderful to work with. She has not only been an amazing coach but also a caring mentor, and the strategies and lessons she has provided have inspired and motivated me to live a life in congruency with my values and passions.

Fusun is full of passion and is driven to take life to the next level, and for that I will always be grateful. I would recommend Fusun to anyone looking for an intuitive, authentic, heartfelt, and deeply passionate coach.

Sofía – Financial Controller / Supervisor
The Netherlands

Through Fusun’s lessons, I focused deep inside of myself to talk to my inner light. Then I realized there is an issue lying in my heart which I have been ignoring for a long time. It needed a patient and brave to face it but Fusun kept encouraging me to look at it until I found my real answers.

Her lesson style, was not “teaching a student” style but “Journeying together” style with variety of professional knowledge. I cannot tell you enough how I grew and find out myself deep inside through her lessons. Now I see the world more clearly, focused on my life mission, which gives me courage to take a step forward in my life.

It is a journey to realize you have everything in you. Fusun will take your hand and help you find the truth deeper, warmer and smarter to the world in front of you. You will find more pleasures and love from the sceneries you have been familiar with. I have a confidence that your journey with Fusun will be exciting & beautiful.

Sayo Yamaguchi – Bank Manager

Having met with Fusun was the best gift of 2020 for me. We did both 3 healing and 6 coaching sessions with her. One of the most beautiful spirits that can come to life. Positive changes have occurred in my life flow after our work. She amplifies tremendous contributions to me that enhance awareness of self-confidence, being best version of yourself and letting yourself to the flow at the journey of evolution. We have done studies that enable self-reflect to notice your self-worth from a different point of view and to ignite your inner energy. She is the one that I am so glad having included in my life with her in-depth knowledge, sharing and angelic heart beyond everything else, beyond a consultant, she is a resource that will enlighten your journey.


Dilek E – HR Manager
Istanbul – Turkey

Fusun Rynart…is the BOMB. I remember when we first met. I had no idea what she did…now I can say her sessions have made a profound difference for me. I have reached out to her when all my coaching tools just didn’t work and life has felt extremely heavy..

Her healing sessions are so worth the investment..

Doni Mckoy – Life Coach
Chicago, USA

I am so glad that I listened to my heart and booked sessions with Fusun. I was in a sad and almost scared place in my life, and I was (and still am) waking up to different truths and realities about everything that brought me to this point. After several encounters with different energy forms/beings, two things I knew that I interpreted correctly were to follow my heart and not to fear. Fusun radiates beauty and truth, and she is definitely living her soul purpose. She is an inspiration to me because I have been asking to align with my soul mission so that I can help others and live blissfully knowing that I’m on track with what I came here to do. Fusun helped me “clean house”, in my head, heart, and soul. Since my three sessions, I have let go of so many past emotions and old triggers that were holding me back. I have never been so excited about my future. I definitely recommend Fusun and her services! 

Amanda Hegwood


The magic touch of emotional healing by Fusun.

I was at rock bottom crippled by anxiety for 6 months when I contacted Fusun. Before meeting her, I suffered from bouts of anxiety attacks and was unable to move forward with my business and life. The monsters of fear ruled my life and I was unable to think out a solution. Mired in darkness, I was about to lose my apartment and go bankrupt. When I heard Fusun on a Facebook Live talk about the power of emotional healing, I reached out to her as my last desperate attempt to get out of the darkness.

I used my last funds to have three sessions with her and it changed my life. After each session, I felt the whole energy field around me and within me lift to another level. Fusun with her distance healing took me out of complete darkness, where I now, see and feel the light. For the first time in over a year, I am able to work with intention without anxiety attacks.

Now, people are coming up to offer to help without me asking, because they sense my energy is lighter, stronger and warmer. I am attracting different kind of people and opportunities. Thank you, Fusun for saving me from utter despair.


T.BBusiness Owner and Investor

Because personal, physiological & professionals changes, challenges & upheavals that I’ve been experiencing & enduring lately, I felt out of control & needed desperately to find my equilibrium again; my center; my grounding.

“When the student is ready, the teacher shall appear”
— goes the age-old axiom & as the Universe/Supreme Being/God would have it, I “chanced” upon (though I don’t believe in chance or coincidences) Fusun’s Healing Academy & was immediately drawn like a moth to a flame to what she had to say about achieving mental health & wellbeing: namely, how to stop the incessant negative self-talk & mental judgments & learn to live a more peaceful, joyful & fulfilling life. Exactly what I needed & was searching for.

To make a long story short, I quickly got in touch with Fusun & was immediately impressed by her warmth, sincerity & wisdom. We started some personal emotional healing sessions to clear away old hurts, bad memories & dusty skeletons that are holding us back from moving forward & living the life that we want, wish & strive for.

This testimonial is about the 4-WEEK SELF-CONFIDENCE for Female Entrepreneurs online workshop which I’ve just attended & completed.
It was an awesome, amazing, eye-opening & extremely encouraging & empowering experience that was shared amongst a small group of women from all backgrounds & ages; all nationalities; all across the globe & various time zones. Fusun, whose name means “Magic” or “Magical” in Turkish. She’s very forthright & affirmative. She’s simply amazing & as far as I’m concerned, she’s my “Magic Mover” whom God has divined & arranged to help me through this difficult & challenging life transition.

Thank you very much.


Jenny Teo – English Language Trainer
Istanbul – Turkey

I came across Fusun on social media. I had been feeling really depressed as I had been triggered into my childhood trauma the week before. Late at night, after I had prayed and asked help, Fusun appeared on my Facebook as I scrolled in despair. I googled her and she came across as a trustworthy, caring and gentle persona. I felt guided to contact her and so I followed a two-day healing course with her. 

After the healing course I started feeling lighter and lighter as the days progressed. She taught me how to heal myself and others and the power of prayer.  We have been in contact ever since; I feel safe and protected when I work with her and at times when dealing with difficult issues in my life, I will call her to ask for her advice or view of the situation. You can truly feel she does this work from her heart and out of love; assisting those in their journey is truly her life purpose and calling! 

Fusun is a powerful, inspiring and gentle soul who has the ability to connect with all that is while bringing comfort and flow into our lives. She is caring and compassionate and does all she can to address our individual and spiritual blockages and needs. follow her live sessions on Facebook and I always learn something new every time we interact. 

I highly recommend Fusun to anyone looking to gain insights into their life, spirituality, incorporating new habits. She provides simple techniques using spiritual and personal development tools such as NLP, healings, meditations and Coaching. I feel she is highly gifted and was sent to teach us to live our lives painlessly and purposefully.

Thank you, Teşekkür ederim Fusun!!

Paula B. – Supervisor Administration
The Netherlands

Thanks so much for the 3 healing sessions. I felt totally at ease, and you explained everything very clearly.
You gave me not only your time, but also your genuine care – doing what you felt was in my best interest.

I had sensations whilst being given the healing, which was reassuring, and the feedback Fusun gave me was very detailed following each session. 

Di Knowles - Life Coach


I was going trough deep emotional pain after one event with very close person in my life. I felt hurt, disappointed and was trying to accept my role in learning a message. In the same time I knew I needed to go trough this in order to heal. It was 10 days of total immersion in all the feelings. I knew that I need to allow those emotions to pass not numbing them by any distractions. I kept my silence but so many emotions were stored in my body.

Session with Fusun was such a gift in the right moment! During the session I felt very strong sensation of energy going trough my whole body. I felt such a deep peace, especially the next day. I could feel like she is pulling out all those heavy emotions out from my body. I didn’t want it to end. Amazing experience full of light and peace.

She has a big gift and I m so grateful to have had experienced it!!!

Natalie Krizan - Personal Trainer


They say the teacher will arrive when the student is ready so I said yes and scheduled a session! 

I didn’t know what to expect at all and was even skeptical in the beginning until I surrendered and opened my heart to receive this experience fully. 
That’s when the miracles started to happen. It is very difficult to describe but it was like a deep meditation where the chatter in your head stops completely (which I have never been able to do). There was this warm feeling in my heart like someone literally put a heating pad on it. There was light and visions and it was just the most bizare and magical thing at the same time. 

When I was finished I felt so light and free. My brain was quiet and calm for the first time in weeks and even my body felt lighter. 

Fusun is an incredible woman who made me feel very comfortable before the session and did amazing with her healing. I will do this again for sure. Thank you so much for this amazing experience Fusun! 

Sandy Gold – Real Estate 
Florida – USA

After returning from the Tony Robbins conventions, I unfortunately, became ill like so many other attendees.
I had bronchitis and starting using an inhaler three to four times a day along with some home remedies.

After having a conversation with Fusun Rynart, she offered to perform a long distance 10 min healing session on me. It was my first experience so I didn’t know what to expect. I payed attention to her instructions. I laid down to relax….than all of a sudden I felt some pins and needles on my feet. I started feeling more relaxed rather quickly and started taking deeper than normal breaths. Today, when I woke up I expected to feel a little better….but I didn’t expect to feel 80% percent in less than 24hrs. I can’t even imagine how much a 30 min healing session would have helped me. Energy is real…. Healing is real….if you let Fusun Rynart….combine them together….it can be a powerful gift. Thank you Fusun Rynart within 24hrs…I went from using the inhaler 4 times yesterday….to not even one time today…..thank you for sharing your gift!!!!! 

Doni Mckoy – Life Coach
Chicago – USA

I highly recommend Fusun and her healing treatments. Fusun cares deeply for her clients and provides the most nurturing care. Fusun is compassionate about her healing work. I had an excellent first session where she was able to work on items that are affecting me in real time. I didn’t give her any clues or hints and her feedback was precise.Fusun is very kind, caring, and respectful of the work she does and the people she treats. I look forward to our next two sessions.Please consider Fusun for your future healing treatments.


Jose Sanchez – Business Owner
Wisconsin – USA

I had an absolutely amazing and beautiful healing session with Fusun yesterday.

We were scheduled to do a class together and I wasn’t feeling good before our appointment. I’d been feeling anxious and just unsettled all morning. When I got on the call for the class she asked how I was and I told her I was good. She could see that wasn’t the case.

So she took me through a guided meditation to ground me and bring me back into myself. It was absolutely beautiful. She led me into a room filled with divine love and light where my guardian angel placed her hand on my shoulder and led me out through the window into a beautiful meadow. We walked together down a pathway that led to a beautiful waterfall where all of my negative emotions and stuck energy was completely washed washed away. After the waterfall I was surrounded by loving angels just holding me and loving on me. It was so comforting. I’ve struggled with feeling safe my entire life. I felt very safe here.

After this meditation Fusun said I didn’t even look like the same person she’d gotten on the phone with. She was right. She brought me back to my center. Just as she always does. The class that followed was absolutely amazing and after we got off of the phone I spent the rest of the day floating on a cloud. I even woke up this morning still floating on a cloud of beautiful calm and peace. Fusan has an amazing gift. I would recommend her to anyone seeking more peace, joy, determination or even a hightened sense of awareness 

Jamie Wright – Life Coach
Washington – USA

I’m sharing the amazing experience I had today
If you want more variety and you are open to receiving, perhaps this is the universe’s answer to your prayers 

I got a 30 min energy healing session from Fusun Rynart 
I was feeling a bit overwhelmed w/ emotions.

Fusun’s gifts are so beautiful and much needed in this world. I won’t go into the details of what I experienced as it will be different for everyone! On a high level – I felt like I was sleeping on feather pillows, had goosebumps throughout my body at times and a moment of where my body jumped like I was getting my heart revived (no pain though!). I felt so peaceful and calm like I could dose off to sleep with mins. I’ve already committed to getting more sessions. 

If you want to try this, please reach out to her.

Harpreet Dhanoya
Washington – USA

I had four Reconnective Healing sessions and lately two sessions of the Reconnection. It really helped me to change my life in the way I wanted to. I started following my heart & made the decisions I deeply knew I had to make but was sometimes a little afraid or not sure to do so.

I received a lot of beautiful signs during the sessions that ensured me it is real and very close to me and that ,this is the way that is meant for me.

Fusun is a beautiful person who is so pure and full of love to help and guide in the process I needed. She is very gifted and professional and on the other hand she is really down to earth and you can laugh with her as well.

I am very grateful to have met her and I can recommend her to everyone who is curious to find out his/her real life purpose.

Dion S. - Football Coach

The Netherlands

Fusun has been helpful with me getting my mind and heart straight after difficult life challenges. As a Tony Robbins family member I trust Fusun since she has done a lot of self development work with herself and of course works with many clients and has worked with me before as well.

One cool technique Fusun has up her sleeve is making me feel like I’m levitating during part of our sessions.. Won’t tell you her other secrets though, try her out for yourself…

Ken Ott - Property Contractor

California, USA

Sometimes people come on your path to change your life. Fusun has given me a rest with her Reconnective healing that I could not find before. No heavy conversations; just eyes and experience and then I could feel the burden leaving me. Besides, she gave me insights that showed me greater clarity in which direction I should go . After the sessions, I seem to get more opportunities in my life. It helped me to be more successful in several areas in my life that I needed.

Fleur - Rapid Transformational Therapy Trainer

The Netherlands

“Fusun’s healing session is so effective ! The physically, spiritually and emotional shift is so positive. I really enjoyed her gentle, warm but yet so powerful energetic healing”

Remote healing is so strong, very relaxing, calming and cleansing energy with a light gentle physical movement, that can be felt around the body. Wow so impressed and more balanced ! Thank you Fusun for your amazing healing and clearing session. You are so talented!

Lavender Cherry - Angel Therapist

London - United Kingdom

I just finished a healing session, grounding and balancing meditation and also a cord cutting session with Fusun Rynart. She helped me so much!!! If anyone needs healing I SO recommend reaching out to her. She’s a beautiful soul and she has a very unique and special gift ❤️ Absolutely amazing. Thank you Fusun!


Jamie W. – Life Coach
Washington – USA

I have tried a distant healing session with Fusun and it was an amazing experience. At that time I was going through a painful break-up and was under a lot of stress. During the session I felt my mind slowly surrender to a loving energy and I fall in a very relaxing state, all my muscles relaxed. At the end of the session, I fall in a profound deep sleep, so much needed at that time. When I woke up a couple of hours later I had the impression to have slept for hours. I had not felt so much relaxed in a very long time.

T.A. - HR Advisor

Brussels - Belgium

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