No matter who you are in the world, or what you do, there is a common force that’s driving and shaping all our emotions and actions. It determines the quality of our lives and shapes our destiny.

Although we are all unique, we are more or less driven by the same force; our primal needs. These needs are encoded in our nervous systems.

Primal needs are; stability (certainty), variety, significance, and connection with others.

We also have two spiritual needs; growth and contribution. There is always a way to fulfill a need; the skill lies in finding a sustainable way to fulfill it, and in a way that gives you more pleasure than pain.

It all starts with one single DECISION!


Start with a CLEAR Decision

Find Your WHY behind that decision (this will be your fuel to keep going)

Make a PLAN (Set Your steps to achieve the outcome)

Take A Challenge (go beyond your fears)

Reward Yourself (with each small achievement CELEBRATE!)

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